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Do you know David Ogilvy’s selling method?

Posted by admin on 2021-06-13

Do you know David Ogilvy’s selling method?


We owe it to David Ogilvy to lay the foundations for modern advertising and marketing. Before becoming an advertising specialist, he sold stoves in Scotland as a doorman. To his name is the Theory and Practice of Selling the AGA Cooker  a sales manual born more than 80 years ago, which is still recognized by many today as the best such work of all time. Its sales strategy was based on two foundations:

1. He held that one should know thoroughly the portico intended for sale, but at least as much about the customer. How can this be applied as a real estate seller?
First of all, you need to get a thorough knowledge of the property that is in our portfolio and learn about transportation and services in the area. Then it is worth asking the person interested about the family situation, workplace and habits before presenting the property.

During the presentation of the property, it is possible to brilliantly connect certain properties with the habits of the interested party and emphasize their advantage, or to offer a solution to the errors or problems that arise. This makes you strongly like your apartment or house because those interested will recognize how well it is usable and just right for their needs.

2. Another equally important element of the strategy lay in the numbers. The more potential customers you talk to, the more sales opportunities you get close to. The same thing these days means that the more people can see and know your ads, the more potential contracts you will have.

It is very important that you do not choose between advertising platforms, but advertise in as many places as possible, as you do not know who is in the habit, who prefers which advertising page. And even better, you advertise on multilingual advertising sites, as they are read by those who do not know your language. One of the best sites like this is https://uniomarket.com because here you can post and manage your ads and profile in your own language without having to deal with translation.

Remember Uniomarket’s mission is to help real estate agents and provide them with the information and tools they need to increase their effectiveness. Multiply your income with our help. We will provide all the tools for this.


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