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During the campaign, all ads can be published for free for one month! Simply register, choose a package and advertise!

You do not have to pay!

Uniomarket is an international real estate advertising website. The site is available in more than 20 languages. Its special feature is that it can be posted in any active language.

Choose which language you want to use. Log in to your account (or create one with a few clicks). Then upload your ad in the language of the selected page. You only need to upload in one language, because we’ll translate your uploaded ad and sync it to the other active languages in no time. It’s that simple!

1 ad can be uploaded for free. Ad can upload 10 images and link a video (YouYube or Vimeo) or a virtual tour to the ad for free. Free ads are active for 120 days, but can be renewed multiple times.

If you want to post more ads or highlight your ad, choose from our packages. More than 3 ads for a private person may not be posted only by a registered agent, agency, or real estate developer.


£ 18
For agents to start with featured
1 Month
10 Listings
10 Images / listing
1 Featured Listings


£ 8
Anyone can use it for start advertising properties with featured advert
1 Month
3 Listings
10 Images / listing
1 Featured Listings


£ 35
Very good for smaller agencies or agents
1 Month
50 Listings
15 Images / listing
5 Featured Listings


£ 130
Perfect for large agencies!
1 Month
250 Listings
15 Images / listing
20 Featured Listings


£ 280
You can get everything if you have a big deal
1 Month
700 Listings
20 Images / listing
50 Featured Listings

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