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What is home staging?

Posted by admin on 2021-07-08

What is home staging?

That is preparing the property for sale.
An apartment to be renovated or in average condition can also be attractive, as can a beautiful novel property if we pay close attention to detail.
The most common errors that need to be fixed are:
• Close doors and windows and make the shutter work.
• Broken window / door glass: Paid by the insurer. Don’t explain, replace it.
• The bell (if equipped) is working.
• Whether the lighting leading to the property is working
• Are the lights on everywhere in the apartment? If you need stronger burners, put them on!
• In the case of kitchen furniture, built-in wardrobes (and other visible furniture), the doors should not hang, they should function as intended.
• If the threshold comes up it needs to be improved.
• Torn wallpaper: To be repaired. By no means hang on!
• The moldy joint in the bath must be replaced and repaired.
• The bath and toilet ventilation fan needs to be repaired and replaced.
• The drip tap must be repaired or replaced. A cheap but well-functioning faucet, on the other hand, will not be mentioned at the price bargain.
• A broken tile or tile, if there is a spare, must be repaired.
• Moldy walls should be free of mold and such walls should be painted.
• Do not soak. If there were traces it should be removed with a painting.
• If the painting is dirty or the apartment is smoked, I always recommend painting! An apartment to be renovated is also easier to sell if it is freshly painted. It always comes at a price!

Always have order in the property!
• You may also want to do a comprehensive cleaning.
• Clothes should always be stored in all rooms. In the built-in closets that are the remaining parts of the apartment as well!
• Shoes and unnecessary footwear should not be left in front, even in the hallway.
• Coats should be tidy on the hallway rack, not bulging on it. Always have an empty hanger for the buyer’s jacket as well!
• Keep the kitchen tidy and clean when the customer comes. Even the washed dish should not be in front. Don’t cook at this time. Kitchen linen should be clean and tidy.
• There should be no cleaning agents on the front of the counter, unless we are talking about an aesthetically designed dispenser. (“detergent display” should be abolished)
• Kitchen furniture should be clean and tidy.
• Beds should always be deployed and tastefully covered if necessary. Don’t let the bedding bloom when your prospective buyer looks into the room.
• The windows must be laundered. The buyer will look at it. Remember, this was a house with stained windows.
• In the bath, do not be in front of the laundry. Towels should be clean and neatly (folded). The washing machine must be closed. The shower gel window must be removed. Everything is in place.
• The bathtub should not be stained. Do not drip the tap. What can be annoying to the eye needs to be removed, corrected.
• The toilet seat must always be folded down. Be ventilated. Do not pack with detergents, cleaning agents, toilet paper “tips”. If the buyer sees these, does it immediately turn out to be that they do not fit elsewhere?
• Chamber / food chamber / storage must be in order! If only boxes, clothes, etc. are thrown away. then the buyer will not see what kind of appropriate storage it is, but that it cannot fit in it.
• Sweep, vacuum, dust, mop the entire property.
• Keep the garden tidy in the yard. Grass cut, hedge trimmed. Yard, sidewalk swept. Dog dirt collected.
• Gates operate. Fence should be repaired. (if you need to)
• Dog locked up! The buyer may be afraid of dogs. Even the blockage has to be solved. Not enough to catch. Anyone who is afraid of dogs will be very stressed if there is a dog nearby. In this case, the buyer does not even pay attention to the property.
• Have space for the buyer to park!
In the case of an empty, uninhabited house / apartment, strive for simplicity. You start by evacuating the property. You can completely strip it from the furniture. All this because an empty property is a hundred times easier to sell.
For old houses / flats, it is almost always worth doing a simple cleanliness painting. A clean freshly painted property is always worth more in the eyes of the buyer even if it is completely renovated. In this case, you can negotiate a better price, because the buyer is not overwhelmed by the neglected painting of the property. Be sure to use light colors. Few like dark or strong Mediterranean colors and do not get the right effect. If the apartment is painted in such colors, it is definitely worth creating a bright color scheme (white or pastel colors) before starting the advertisement.

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