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Grow your business with recommendations

Posted by admin on 2021-05-23
grow your business

Grow your business with recommendations

Every businessman works every day to expand their business, always gaining more and more customers. Born in 1958, Joe Girard occupies a whole special place in this subject. He was also included in the Guinness Book of Records as the specialist who sold the most cars in a year.

The key to his success is an idea that was born at a funeral. He counted that 250 people attended the funeral, so there are roughly that number of friends and acquaintances of a man. That is, if a single customer is satisfied, a potential 250 people may know about it, although the reverse is also true, as negative experiences can spread in such a circle.

So the goal is for the customer to be satisfied and rave about it among their acquaintances. Therefore, shortly after each sale, he called his customer and asked how satisfied and he also sent greeting cards.

Did you know that 39% of property sellers choose a real estate agent based on information from family and acquaintances?

What to do?

A few months after the new owners move in, you may want to contact your client and / or new residents by email and / or phone to give a simple opinion about your work. If they live at a new address, it is worth asking for their new address and offering additional services during the order. Ask how satisfied they were and ask their friends to mention the quality of service. This will not only make it easier to get your next customer, but will also give you continuous feedback on your effectiveness.

Keep a record of your previous customers and don’t forget to send a greeting card at Christmas or another holiday even if you haven’t been in contact for years. Sooner or later, someone in the family wants to move and may need your service.

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