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Every Real Estate Agent’s dream is here: a fast, efficient, effective UNIOMARKET

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UNIOMARKET is a special and unique international advertising portal. We created it to help real estate advertisers reach customers faster and more effectively. Anyone looking for a property will find most properties in one place no matter what country they are looking for.

The advertiser may multiply his real estate sales by using the services of UNIOMARKET.

If you want to advertise here you will find almost everything in one place..

More customers

Did you know that if your website is multilingual, it will multiply the number of results in web search engines (such as GOOGLE)? Multilingual sites have a better chance of finding a buyer sooner than a site that only works in one language. UNIOMARKET displays advertisements in more than 10 languages, which everyone can publish in their own language. Therefore, you can increase your advertising chances by up to ten times if you advertise your property here.


Register on our Website in your own language and place your ads in your own language. You don’t have to worry because the UNIOMARKET team will not only do the translation, but also make sure that your published ad will appear equally in all languages. So whatever language you search for you will have an equal chance of finding it.


In today’s world, it’s not enough to post high-quality images for your ad. You can showcase the property on offer much better with a video or virtual tour. After all, the viewer perceives the connection and size of the rooms and other parts of the house, as well as the walkability of the house or apartment. Introducing a video increases your chances of selling. On UNIOMARKET, you can even embed a YouTube or Vimeo video, or place a virtual tour link in your ad at no extra charge.


Your ad on our site will appear on the map based on the address you provide. Those interested can see on a map what institutions, schools, services, or health care are nearby. You can also switch to street view and see the house and the neighborhood as if you were walking down the street.

More currencies

Not only the language but also the currency can be selected during the search, so everyone can see the prices in the currency of their own country. You don’t have to constantly count to be aware of the values.


The interested party can contact the advertiser directly on the advertising page. You can choose to send an email or just leave a message. You can also immediately make an appointment to present the property using the openable calendar. This is the fastest way to view and book your future apartment as soon as possible.

My control panel

You can manage your ads from the advertiser’s own dashboard. Not only can you upload a new ad, but you can highlight it in advance and increase your chances of selling. You can change the details at any time and remove the ad if you wish. You can also continue to maintain your ad by simply exposing the “sold” board to it.


Those who do not work alone should register as an agency. You can publish the address, opening hours and all contact details, and even a link to your own website. The agency can add an unlimited number of agents to their profile who can manage the ads themselves.

Latest software

We use the latest software and are constantly developing it. We offer not only many services but also quality. We make sure everyone gets the best. Good quality images, quick access.

Mobile view

Today, 50% of people do not surf the Internet on a desktop computer, but on some mobile device. UNIOMARKET offers a full quality mobile view on either Android or iOS device looking for us. Find out how easy it is to access UNIOMARKET services from your phone.

Search options

More than 20 different features and search options can be set up on our site, making it easy for both the advertiser and the buyer to really find the best ones for each other. There are no limits to choose from any of the many features.

Mortgage Calculator

The mortgage calculator can be found in all real estate ads. With this, anyone can immediately calculate how much they will have to pay if they take out a loan to buy. Simple, fast and yet a huge help.

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