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Frequently Asced Questions

Do I have to register to advertise?

Yes. To post an ad, you must register on the site. You can register as a simple user, as an individual agent, or even as a real estate agency and real estate developer, in the latter case you can add an unlimited number of agents to your organization. All registration is free.

Do I have to pay for registration?

No. All registration is free. Anyone who registered can post 2 ads in their own language for free. You must purchase a package to post a multilingual ad.

Do I have to translate my ad if I want to post in multiple languages?

No. If you have a package that allows you to advertise in multiple languages, you only need to post the ad in your own language and we’ll translate it into all available languages.

If I register as a simple user, can I change and become an agent or agency later?

No. You cannot change the role. However, you can register later in a different role with a different username and email address. However, you cannot use your original profile, ads, and packages in the new role as an original user.

I registered as an individual agent. Can I join an agency or real estate developer?

No. You cannot join an agency or real estate developer. However, the administrator of the agency or real estate developer can add anyone to their profile. In this case, however, an email address and username that have not yet been used for registration must be used. In this case, the member agent can use the agency package.

How do I get notified of recently released ads?

First, register on our site for free. Then set the criteria in the search engine for the type of property you want to find. Search for a property and then save your search with the button at the top of the search results. You will be notified every day of recent ads that meet the saved criteria to the email address you registered as a user. You can save more search options and thus have more chances to find your dream property.

I have run out of ads or featured ads in my package. I've deleted some ads, but I can't post a new one. Why?

If you’ve used up the ad frame in your package, delete or deactivate some of the ads you’ve submitted. After that, however, you will have to wait for the subscription period to expire and renew your package. This is because the package contains the total number of ads available in a subscription period. Therefore, only when you renew it will the number of ads that can be posted be updated by the amount of free space left over for your already active ads. If you do not want to wait until the end of the period, upgrade packages and you can use the services provided by the new package immediately.

I couldn't renew my package and now my ads have disappeared from the site. Do I have to put them back on?

No. If your package has expired and has not been renewed, your ads will be inactive. You can find them in your user account, but they are not visible on the public page. If you purchase a package again, you can choose which ads you want to reactivate on the user page. We recommend that you delete ads that have been contracted, have been terminated, or are no longer relevant for any other reason, from your profile page to help you navigate your own ads later.

I posted a free ad and it expired in 120 days so it doesn't show. Do I have to re-post if I want to continue advertising?

You don’t need to re-submit because inactive ads will remain in your user account. Simply click on re-publish and it will reappear on the page for 120 days.

I posted an ad and I put my youtube video link to the media, but the video not showing. Instead of the video only the link is there.

If you have a youtube or vimeo video you can embed it on your advert. First you have to select youtube or vimeo in the “video from” section. After that you have to put the video ID into the embed video ID place. The most important you have to put only the ID not the full link. If you copy and paste your video link you have to remove the link prefix. E.g. Your link https://youtu.be/tKWdgYCdUKo  You have to place into the advert only that: tKWdgYCdUKo
If you put the full link only the link will shows and the video not embed and cannot play on the site. But if you follow this instruction your video will be able to be played in frame or even full screen.

I posted an ad and I put my virtual tour link to the media, but the virtual tour not showing at all.

If you have a virtual tour you can embed it on your advert. First you have ask and download your virtual tour service provider the shared link. When you have got the link you have to embed it into a frame and place that all into the “Virtual Tour Embed Code” place.
You have to use this frame: <iframe width=”800″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″ src=”Your Code”></iframe>
E.g. you use “kuula” service and your embed code is that: https://kuula.co/share/collection/…..logo=-1&card=1&info=0&fs=1&vr=0&gyro=0&autorotate=0.15&autopalt=1&thumbs=4&margin=3&inst=hu
You have to put this link into the frame to replace the “Your Code” like this:
<iframe width=”800″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″ src=”https://kuula.co/share/collection/…..logo=-1&card=1&info=0&fs=1&vr=0&gyro=0&autorotate=0.15&autopalt=1&thumbs=4&margin=3&inst=hu”></iframe>

Or if you have a direct link not a shared link you can use that too.
E.g. Your link is that: https://viewer.realisti.co/…./
You can put it into the frame like this:
<iframe width=”800″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″ src=”https://viewer.realisti.co/…./”></iframe>
Your Code have to be always between ” ”

In this way your virtual tour will be embed in your ad and can see it in frame or even full screen mode.

If you have any question and you cannot find your answer above, send a message to us. Click on the envelope in the right bottom corner.

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