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What makes a real estate ad good?

Posted by admin on 2020-08-20
real estate ad

Real estate ad

If we want to sell or rent an apartment or house, we need to post an ad.

The best for this, of course, is the Internet, as anyone can even post a quality advertisement on the Uniomarket site and it can be read in many languages ​​worldwide.

What should be in the ad?

Price. The most important. Indicate the real price. Protect yourself from a lot of inconvenience.


The headline shouldn’t be too long, but get attention and tell as much as you can.

Indicate where the property is and also what unique features it has.

Eg: “Resort in Rimini close to the beach” (not bad, but not unique) “Cheap air-conditioned, furnished apartment in Rimini on the beach” This is already appropriate because of the attractive price and extra equipment.

Keep in mind that search engines primarily scan headlines and hardly process text that is too long. And search engines don’t like UPPERCASE highlights in the title bar. Do not use. These are not valued as a single word, but as an abbreviation and cannot be interpreted.


The description should be detailed. All relevant information should be provided so that the interested party can find out as much as possible. How many rooms, with what functions. What is the masonry, condition, heating, cooling of the building, the cladding, the equipment, the furniture if it is furnished and finally the location of the building. What opportunities are nearby, shops, schools, hospital, transport. When was the building built and when was it renovated or what work was needed.

Let the description be such that the reader can almost imagine it. And the monthly costs of the home should not be hidden. What are the monthly costs in general. The description shouldn’t be too long either, because people don’t like reading novels when they’re looking for a house.


It is very important to have as many good quality images as possible. All important details are clearly visible in the pictures. A picture halfway through the ceiling says nothing about the room or the bathroom, but if I only photograph the bed in the bedroom, that’s not good either. It is also possible to make a video or even a virtual tour. These are the best because as a visitor they can almost walk around the rooms, they can look around them. Such an opportunity should not be missed, although as a private advertiser it is almost mission impossible.

And here comes a fundamental question. As a private advertiser, I place this ad, or rather take the opportunity to entrust an agency and agree to pay for it. I don’t want to answer this question right now, but I recommend that you best read an article about it here to answer the question.

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