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What do you think about multilingual real estate advertising?

Posted by admin on 2021-08-08
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What do you think about multilingual real estate advertising?

More and more people are creating their own website to be visible in multiple languages. Or, if they don’t have one, they’ll use advertising pages where this feature works. This is especially true for larger agencies, and even more so for organizations operating in an international franchise system.
Is it necessary for smaller agencies to take this path as well?
If you too fall into the category of someone who thinks that multilingual advertising is completely unnecessary for a small rural real estate agent or agency, then unfortunately I have to say you are wrong.

First of all.

The more places you advertise, the more chances you have to sell. It’s worth posting ads not just on the pages that a lot of people visit, but everywhere, as not everyone is the same and there are many who don’t browse the usual pages. So take the advice to advertise in every available place.

Second, don’t just advertise in your own language.

You may be right that there are more opportunities to sell to local customers in smaller locations. After all, it is mainly locals or locals who are looking for another home or other purpose property in small rural settlements. Primarily – but not exclusively. To our knowledge, depending on the location, only 60% is local or neighborhood, but even in the smallest places, up to 80%. BUT we have the remaining 20% ​​-40% among whom there are quite a large number of foreign interested parties. Are we losing it?

Every salesperson has a dual purpose. Sell ​​the house as fast and at the best price. If we try to find buyers only in local or nearby places, we can cause a significant disadvantage to ourselves, because we may miss a well-paying foreign investor or a buyer who wants to move away. So if we don’t take advantage of every opportunity, not only can the price be lower, but it can take much longer to find a buyer.

Open the door to the knocking possibilities on it and use them. Advertise on the international multilingual real estate site. Of course, not all real estate has a place in the international market. Therefore, select and only post ads that may be of interest to international interested parties. But by no means miss the opportunity!
Uniomarket now allows you to post your ad in your own language and display it in more than 20 languages ​​for free. Visit https://uniomarket.com/real-estate-ad/

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