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Welcome to UNIOMARKET.COM. The UNIOMARKET is one of the fastest growing real estate advertising systems in Europe.

Choose us if you want your ads to show not only in your language, but in all most well-known languages. You don’t have to bother with posting ads on different advertising portals, you just have to register and start to upload your ads in your language and your ads will also appear on the international platform.

You don’t even have to bother translating, because the system does it for you.

How do you submit your ad?

Only registered users can post ads.

You can register as an Individual, Individual Agent, or Agency or Real Estate Developer. The Agency and the Real Estate Developer can add an unlimited number of agents to their office who can use the package of their choice to send ads. But have to add Agent because only the Agent of the Agency is able to upload Ads not the Agency itself. So if you are belonging to an Agency or Developer do not register individually leave this to your manager of your company. If you register as Individual Agent later you cannot join to you company.

During the promotion anyone on the site can post unlimited ads and 2 featured ads for free and we translate them to the languages of the site. These adverts will be active and show 120 days. What only must to do REGISTER and start to upload the properties.

At the end of the promotion your adverts still will appear but for uploading new adverts will have to choose from our packages. Check out our advertising packages HERE

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